'Lantean Manor

Alternate Universe With A Splash

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Another day, another AU.

Elizabeth Weir, a successful lawyer, builds a new life in California with the aid of her assistant and good friend, Teyla Emmagan. Along the way she meets new friends and new employees who all serve to make her life interesting. Including one John Sheppard.

Their lives are hardly typical, but somehow they make it work.

Love, life, swimming pools.

The Players Thus Far:

Elizabeth Weir: Legal counsel for a California nuclear facility.
Teyla Emmagan: Close friend, and personal assistant to Elizabeth Weir.
Rodney McKay: Nuclear physicist and co-worker of Elizabeth Weir, friend of John Sheppard.
Ronon Dex: Landscape manager for Elizabeth Weir's home, 'Lantean Manor.
Carson Beckett: Personal physician to Elizabeth Weir, former DWB participant.
Laura Cadman: Elizabeth Weir's personal trainer, former Marine and DWB participant, dating Carson Beckett.
John Sheppard: Former Air Force Officer turned flight instructor and pool boy.

New recruits:

Tony Almeida: Friend of John Sheppard's from the service, recently relocated.
Michelle Dessler: College roommate of Laura Cadman's, colleague of Tony Almeida's.